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What we do

Our ongoing projects are focused on our members and their artists. Here's four of them!

Taite Music Prize

Finalists for Taite Music Prize 2024 main prize announced!

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Going Global Music Summit

Going Global Music Summit is an annual showcase of new music featuring national artists, occurring in September alongside the Going Global Music Summit industry seminars. The Summit takes place in central Auckland and is produced by IMNZ in partnership with NZ Music Commission.

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Charts / News

IMNZ compiles weekly charts of members album sales, singles sales and radio airplay in New Zealand. To be eligible for the chart you need to be an IMNZ member or be distributed by an IMNZ member. We publish a regular newsletter containing member’s latest releases, tours and industry news from around the world. We also regularly compile the latest independent tracks into a vibrant Spotify playlist, on behalf of our members.

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Going Local

Ever wanted to know more about the music industry – how it works, who to talk to, what you need, why things happen who to talk to, what you need, why things happen.

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Become a member

IMNZ Members include record labels, self-released artists, managers, publishers: anyone who represents (as the artist or on behalf of) an independent New Zealand music copyright. Our members release the bulk of New Zealand music, including commercially successful artists as well as niche music genres.

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