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 Current Friends of IMNZ:



The Orchard is a pioneering music, video and film distribution company and top-ranked Multi Channel Network operating in more than 25 global markets. With a holistic approach to sales and marketing combined with industry-leading technology and operations, The Orchard amplifies reach and revenue across hundreds of digital, physical and mobile outlets around the world. The Orchard streamlines content owners’ business complexity with an intuitive client dashboard, comprehensive rights management and tailored client support. Founded in 1997, The Orchard empowers businesses and creators in the entertainment industry. The Orchard. Distribution done right. For more information go to or check out this video.


For over 20 years, Media Arts Lawyers has given practical and commercial legal advice to artists, brands, events and companies throughout the entertainment industry. Acting for high-profile acts and enterprises alongside fledgling creative and commercial projects, we set the benchmark for creatively strategic legal solutions.

Phone: +64 9 378 9638

Bandcamp – the worldwide online music store & artist promotion platform. More than 400,000 artists have already sold music through Bandcamp and over 2,000 independent labels across the world subscribe to their premium Bandcamp For Labels service – understandable with stats like one record sells every 4 seconds on Bandcamp. Fans have paid artists US$252 million using Bandcamp and US$6.1 million in the last 30 days alone. You can even view their real-time sales live feed over at:



StebbingThe legendary Stebbing Recording Centre has unveiled a brand new website, and a new blog.

Stebbing Recording Centre (SRC) is New Zealand’s only full-service recording, mastering and music manufacture facility.

The Stebbing name, along with the Zodiac label and the brand’s founder Eldred Stebbing, have been an iconic part of the NZ recording industry for more than 60 years.

From its beginnings, Stebbing Recording Centre Ltd (SRC) has offered a wide range of services, and today encompasses: four purpose-built studios, a CD and DVD manufacturing plant, music labels, a range of post-production services, media preservation technologies and more. The centre works with both audio and video and outputs for traditional as well as digital formats. It is also one of only two ‘Mastered for iTunes’ Providers in the country.



The Rock Factory in Auckland love to help bands and musicians showcase their music with the best possible presentation both live and in the studio.

To help you sound and look great live they concentrate on the following aspects of sound, lighting, stage, audio visual and backline hire:

  • making sure you can hear yourselves well onstage;
  • mixing properly out the front of house to making sure that the
    audience can enjoy hearing you;
  • providing options for lighting and visuals so you can see onstage,
    get the right ambience and if you want to wow your audience with a lighting show or visual presentations;
  • providing options for a raised stage or riser so you can be seen;
  • providing options for quality backline to make the gigs run
    smoother, changeovers faster and have your instruments sound better through professional gear.

The Rock Factory  also runs a quality and affordable recording studio for tracking, editing, mixing and mastering of singles, eps and albums. As well as bands who are ready to record, they can help DIY musicians who record themselves especially with drum recording, playing on quality backline (they have professional drum kits, guitar amps, keyboards and bass amps available in the studio) and at the final stages when wanting a professional mixed or mastered sound.

Contact Michelle on: 021 358 577

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 3.26.37 PMNoisehive is a unique opportunity for independent bands & artists to gain access to the premium distribution normally only offered to established record companies. We deliver your music to the world’s best music stores, allowing you to monetise your releases without ongoing costs. We provide you with your own label manager (based in Melbourne) to offer advice, update and maintain your releases, and help you strategise a plan to suit your release. Noisehive has the knowledge and infrastructure to reliably represent your product and deliver your music to the world. If you want to maximise your potential while retaining ownership of your music, Noisehive is a powerful way to get #YourMusicOnline. Read more in the EPK available here.


About Friends of IMNZ:

IMNZ provides a way for New Zealand and International companies to become directly involved in our music community.

The Friends of IMNZ membership is a great way for companies that offer relevant services to the NZ music industry to gain direct contact with our members, who we believe are the future of New Zealand music.

IMNZ represents over 115 independent record labels and distributors and over 300 individual musical acts. We are constantly growing and we want to enable our friends to not only use this relationship to promote their services, but also be a part of our community.

The two key Friends membership functions are:

  1. To provide participating organisations access to our membership to promote their service(s); and
  2. Encourage close association with the New Zealand independent music sector.


In becoming a Friend of IMNZ the key benefits are:

  • Friend updates included in IMNZ’s weekly email distributions, including any new promotions and links;
  • Discounted entry to our IMNZ seminars, functions and events;
  • Ability to organise workshops or seminars for members, or invite IMNZ members to your existing events;
  • Specific promotion on our website that includes company profile, services, your company logo and links/information on your events;
  • Promotion of your events on the events/news section of the IMNZ website;
  • Include your company information in our newsletter to non-members. Our newsletter email database contains over 800+ contacts in the press, government and entertainment industry;
  • Receive regular emails on IMNZ initiatives, industry news and events;
  • Sponsorship opportunities for conferences and awards;
  • Collaborative opportunities for conference and awards;
  • Promotional brochures advertising services (conference tote bags / reception areas)

Examples of companies that may wish to become Friends of IMNZ are Broadcasters, Music retailers and suppliers, Advertisers, Design, Packaging, Manufacturing, Legal, IT Companies, Accountants, Conferences, Festivals, Merchandise, Recording studios and TV/Film companies.

Application Process

The Friends of IMNZ Annual Fee is $400 + GST and IMNZ board approval is required upon receipt of application. Simply drop us a line on 09 376 0115 or