What Does IMNZ Do?

Below are some of the things IMNZ does to help it’s members produce, promote and support the many great artists they represent. Further below are a few frequently asked questions.

Indie Music Advocates

Independent Music New Zealand is particularly interested in advocating the specific interests of its members in relationship to other groups and organisations within the local music industry. Some of these organisations include the Recorded Music NZthe Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA-AMCOS)the Radio Broadcasting Association (RBA)New Zealand Music Commission (NZMC)New Zealand on AirCreative New Zealand, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, the Music Manager’s Forum (NZ), alongside others.

Previous to the formation of Independent Music New Zealand there was no single organisation advocating the interests of one of the most important parts of the New Zealand music industry – that is, independent New Zealand-owned companies. These are the businesses that have been, and continue to be, the most supportive of New Zealand music.

 We are also involved with the independent scene internationally, as proud members of the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) and MERLIN, the global rights agency for independent music companies.


Independent Charts

IMNZ produces the TOP 20 Independent Album Chart and the TOP 10 Independent Singles Chart which highlight the top indie sellers each week and the TOP 10 Independent Airplay Chart which highlights what’s popular out there across radio.

The Taite Music Prize

The Taite Music Prize’s purpose is to recognize outstanding creativity for an entire collection of music contained on one album, regardless of genre, sales or record label. In the inaugural year Lawrence Arabia was awarded the prize, receiving $NZ10,000 in acknowledgment of the best full length New Zealand album released during a calendar year. For more information, click here.

Education and Up-skilling – the Going Global Music Summit

IMNZ undertakes a number of educational projects and seminars for it’s members. These are on topics as diverse as record contracts to accounting to music licensing and the internet. The Going Global Music Summit provides the opportunity to engage with professional music business experts from around the world gathered together in Auckland, on an annual basis each September. Visit www.goingglobal.co.nz for full programme details, including the live showcase portion for local artists.

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Collective Bargaining Power

Working collectively there are many opportunities IMNZ can help facilitate for it’s members. These include deals with international synch licensing companies who are looking for placements in film, TV and advertising and carry our members catalogues.

Website and Publicity

IMNZ maintains and updates this website with news about IMNZ members artists, international and local music industry news and other information we feel is relevant and useful to our members. This news is then fed through to our Facebook and Twitter pages, and included in our weekly newsletter which goes out to a large number of subscribers – including the media, local music industry and anyone with an interest in local independent music. We also send out a tip sheet to our members containing business opportunities that may be useful for our members.

FAQ’s – What Do Record Labels Do?

Record Labels do a number of different things, notably manufacturing and distributing records, marketing and promoting their artists music and using their networks of people to generate wider exposure of their artists. This includes getting music on radio and TV, in front of music supervisors for the purposes of sync, to physical retailers and online for the purposes of both promotion and purchase. Increasingly Record Labels are diversifying their service offerings and starting to offer wider and more varied services to their artists. Examples of this include merchandising, publishing and artist management.

FAQ’s – What Do Distributors Do?

Distributors get music to the consumer by supplying the CD’s, vinyl or any other physical music medium to bricks and mortar shops. A number of our members are solely physical distributors notably Rhythm Method, Southbound Distribution and Border Music. Increasingly distributors also offer ‘Digital Distribution’ to online shops such as iTunes, Bandit.fm or Amplifier.

FAQ’s – What Are Online Aggregators?

Online aggregators compile digital music on behalf of their clients and deliver it to online music shops or music services in the appropriate formats. This includes shops such as iTunes, Bandit.fm and Amplifier. A number of our members are also online aggregators notably DRM, Flying Out and Dunedinmusic.com