Representing Independent New Zealand Music Rights Holders”

IMNZ is a non-profit trade association providing collective benefits and exclusive opportunities to all our members to help grow their businesses. We stand for fairness and equality for all music and encourage open and transparent systems and industry in which creative innovation is at the centre.


Celebrate, Educate, Collaborate and Advocate

Celebrate. IMNZ constantly recognises the amazing music created by our members which is at the heart of the organisation. We celebrate these through our annual Taite Music Prize, our weekly newsletter and independent charts as well as various showcases across the year.

Educate. IMNZ offers educational opportunities to aid the development and growth of all our members. We aim to increase and share our knowledge and provide the necessary tools and connections to further their business.

Collaborate. To maintain our Vision and visibilty within the global music community, our membership are represented internationally through global conferences and participating in networking opportunities.

Advocate. IMNZ aims to give independent New Zealand music a collaborative voice and representation, both nationally and internationally. We offer collective bargaining opportunities and a connection to global organisations including the Worldwide Independent Network, Merlin and our compatriot independent trade associations.

IMNZ’s Vision:

“A thriving independent music culture and industry in New Zealand”

IMNZ’s core values are:

  • Members First: We are dedicated to advocating the values and interests of our members and the New Zealand independent music sector in negotiations with the government, other cultural agencies and peak music industry bodies;
  • Think Long-Term: We assist in the long-term educational development and knowledge of our members by providing them with the necessary tools to develop their art and grow their business;
  • Foster Our Marketplace: Our purpose is to provide collective group benefits and opportunities for growth for our members and their businesses;
  • Celebrate The Best: To celebrate and promote our independent New Zealand music success stories.

These values are important to IMNZ to ensure that we operate in our members’ best interests at all times and continue to serve their needs and requirements through advocacy, education, collaboration and collective benefit development.

Our continued operations based on these core values will help drive the success of our members, and ultimately serve our primary purpose of fostering the growth and development of New Zealand’s independent music industry.


IMNZ Members include record labels, self-released artists, managers, publishers, distributors: anyone who represents (as the artist or on behalf of) an independent New Zealand music copyright.

Our members release the bulk of New Zealand music, including commercially successful artists as well as niche music genres.

Some of our members include:



Fat Freddys Drop

Flying Nun Records


Lawrence Arabia

Loop Recordings

Anika Moa

The Phoenix Foundation



Southbound Records

View the full list of our members here.


  1. LABEL MEMBERSHIP – for independent labels, managers, distributors and artists who represent two or more artists.
  2. INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP – for self-releasing artists, managers and small labels who represent a single artist.

If you are an artist or manager who wishes to join IMNZ and also currently work with a label or distributor who is already an IMNZ member – please get in touch about our discount rate on the individual membership tier.

To join IMNZ, click here.

Our People – Meet the Board:

IMNZ maintains a board consisting of eight independent record labels/artists or distributors – these are:

IMNZ Board 2018/2019

    • Mikee Tucker – Loop Recordings, Auckland (Chairperson)
    • Scott Muir – Dunedinmusic.com Ltd, Dunedin (Deputy Chairperson)
    • Paul Huggins – Rough Peel Records, Wellington (Treasurer)
    • Pip Ryan-Kidd – Southbound Records, Auckland (Secretary)
    • Andrew Maitai – Powertool Records, Auckland
    • Mel Parsons, Cape Road Recordings, Christchurch
    • Zac Arnold, Flying Out, Auckland

The board of IMNZ have appointed Paul Huggins as Treasurer and Pip Ryan-Kidd as Secretary for IMNZ. 

Our People – Meet the Staff:

IMNZ have staff members who work for the organisation – they are:

Dylan Pellett, General Manager

Jade Keywood, Member Liaison


WIN – winformusic.org

WIN is a global forum for the professional independent music industry – the Worldwide Independent Network.  Along with our equivalent bodies in other countries, IMNZ is a member of WIN, which addresses issues faced by the independent sector everywhere. For independent music companies and their national trade associations worldwide, WIN is a collective voice. It also acts as an advocate, instigator and facilitator for its continually growing membership.

WIN publishes the annual WINTEL report, available here.

WIN also organises the Fair Digital Deals Declaration. IMNZ members are welcomed to sign the declaration!

Friends Of IMNZ

IMNZ provides a way for New Zealand and International companies to become directly involved in our music community. The Friends of IMNZ membership is a great way for companies that offer relevant services to the NZ music industry to gain direct contact with our members, who we believe are the future of New Zealand music.