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Taite Music Prize Nomination 2017

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2017 Nomination link CLICK HERE or via the embedded entry form below.


What We Do

Our ongoing projects are focused on our members and their artists. Here's four of them!

Taite Music Prize

About the Taite Music Prize:  Named after the late Dylan Taite, one of the country’s most highly respected music journalists, The Taite Music Prize’s purpose is to recognise outstanding creativity for an entire collection of music contained on one album. The winner receives a cash prize of $10,000, to be spent as they wish – with thanks to Founding Partner of the Taite Music Prize, Recorded […]

Going Global Music Summit

Going Global Music Summit is an annual showcase of new music featuring national artists, occurring in September alongside the Going Global Music Summit industry seminars. The Summit takes place in central Auckland and is produced by IMNZ in partnership with NZ Music Commission and Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development. Going Global Music Summit provides musicians, producers, composers, labels, promoters, industry professionals and fans a chance […]


RELEASE is the dynamic five stage program designed to assist independent label owners from Australia and New Zealand grow their businesses. Independent label owners from both sides of the Tasman are encouraged to apply. RELEASE provides participants with practical business guidance. It includes a comprehensive review of the different business models found in the contemporary music sector, as well as deep analysis of each business […]

Charts / News

  IMNZ compiles weekly charts of members album sales, singles sales and radio airplay in New Zealand. To be elegible for the chart you need to be an IMNZ member or be distributed by an IMNZ member. We publish a regular newsletter containing member’s latest releases, tours and industry news from around the world. We also regularly compile the latest independent tracks into a vibrant […]

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IMNZ Newsletter: Summertime vibes in the area!

What’s inside this week? Stuff, and things! Thought for Friday afternoon…I heard that Australia has bought the rights back to Vegemite, did you hear that too? What about Marmite though? TAITE MUSIC PRIZE 2017 In search of the year’s finest New Zealand album #taitemusicprize Independent Music NZ is proud to announce that nominations are now open for the Taite Music Prize 2017. Named after the late Dylan […]

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Top 10 IMNZ Airplay – Week To Sunday, 15 January 2017

Top 10 IMNZ Airplay – Week To Sunday, 15 January 2017

This Week Last Week Weeks In Title Artist Label/Dist Cert 1 1 14 Forever Love Aaradhna FMG 2 2 24 Heartlines Broods DrydenStreet 3 5 35 Oh My My Nomad Nomad/DRM 4 3 42 Free Broods DrydenStreet gold x1 5 6 7 Voices Devilskin Devilskin/Rhythm/DRM 6 7 7 Fish In The Sea Fat Freddy’s Drop TheDrop/Rhythm/DRM 7 – 13 Mau Tonu Amba Holly AmbaHolly/DRM 8 […]

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Top 10 IMNZ Singles – Week To Thursday, 12 January 2017

Top 10 IMNZ Singles – Week To Thursday, 12 January 2017

This Week Last Week Weeks In Title Artist Label/Dist Cert 1 1 25 Stars Shapeshifter A.R.T. 2 2 68 Wandering Eye Fat Freddy’s Drop TheDrop/Rhythm/DRM plat x1 3 5 10 Forever Love Aaradhna FMG 4 4 31 Heartlines Broods DrydenStreet 5 3 41 Free Broods DrydenStreet gold x1 6 7 130 Always On My Mind Tiki Taane DirtyDub/Rhythm/DRM plat x3 7 10 34 Oh My […]

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If you are an independent New Zealand label or an independently produced band/musician there are many benefits to joining IMNZ.

  • An independent voice and representation with various government and music industry organisations;
  • Eligibility for the IMNZ charts – Singles, Albums and Airplay;
  • Eligibility for the Taite Music Prize;
  • Invitations and/or discounts to all IMNZ events, seminars and showcases including Going Global Music Summit;
  • IMNZ tip sheet with label opportunities emailed weekly;
  • Inclusion of your label news on this website, the IMNZ Facebook and Twitter pages and the IMNZ weekly newsletter;
  • Opportunities to list your releases/catalogs with international synchronisation licensing companies;

Eligibility for IMNZ membership requires a majority of New Zealand ownership of the label/distributor (or parent company) and the majority of your releases must be by New Zealand artists.

Aside from these conditions, anyone who releases the music in New Zealand – including self-released artists – is eligible to join. Even if you only have one release.

There are two membership options.

Label membership – for labels, managers and artists representing two or more releases / copyrights. Dues are: $172.50 incl. GST yearly

Artist membership – for self-releasing artists, managers and small labels representing a single release. Dues are: $86.25 incl. GST yearly

If you’re an artist or manager representing an artist who wishes to join IMNZ and also works with a label or distributor who is already an IMNZ member – please get in touch about our discount rate on the artist member tier.


1) IMNZ LABEL membership application form:

2) IMNZ ARTIST membership application form: