“Going Global is now a keystone event on the New Zealand music industry calendar that I would recommend to anyone serious about the New Zealand market and New Zealand music in general.” – Henry Compton, The Orchard AUST/NZ

“My time at Going Global was incredible. There is so much amazing music to be discovered in NZ and the conference and GG team helped to navigate through it all. I was introduced to a lot of new Kiwi artists that I didn’t know about before, and was glad to get the chance to see them live.” – Maggie Collins, Fans Creative Management (AUST)

“I can’t express how much I enjoyed the conference and what an honor it was to be included.  Getting to know your diverse group of delegates was an enriching experience and I look forward to staying in touch with those I met as we all continue to champion the cause of good music.” – Jim Pitt, Conan USA

“Going Global was an incredible experience. I was so impressed by the caliber of my fellow speakers and the talent I saw at the evening showcases – not to mention the awesome setting of Auckland, New Zealand!” – Jackie Shuman, Good Ear Music Supervision (USA)

“After 25 years of booking bands at venues and festivals in Australia, Going Global 2016 was, embarrassingly, the first time I ever made it to New Zealand.  I met some amazing people.  It won’t be long again before I return.  The talent of all the new bands coming through was very high, so feels like a new era of NZ bands taking over the world is imminent.  The dialogue at the conference is at a very sophisticated level and I learnt a lot from being there.” – Richard Moffat, Way Over There (Falls Festival, Groovin’ The Moo) AUST

“Going Global was such a great opportunity to meet with so many of the New Zealand music industry members that I work with on a day to day basis.  [The organisers] were so helpful and welcoming and I was able to forge new and great relationships with members of the music industry in and out of New Zealand.” – Tom Wironen, Post Hoc Management (USA)

“For an introduction to the NZ market,  Going Global is an essential pitstop.  With multiple networking functions and a strong educational program I highly recommend attending.” – Colin Daniels, Inertia Group (AUST)

“Going Global provided us with an amazing vantage point into New Zealand’s music scene and the industry that supports it. I’m certain that beyond the possible artist relationships that evolve from Going Global, we’re also going to start doing business with some of the people I met with while in Auckland. Getting to know potential distributors, publicists and radio pluggers was invaluable, and I’m sure we’ll be doing business with many of them soon. Beyond the long list of amazing acts I saw, I feel like I have tapped into a network of people who understand what we do, and will be sending us up and coming New Zealand artists for consideration in the future. That’s a resource that will stretch well beyond Going Global and I can’t wait to hear what I discover.” – Phil Waldorf, Co-Founder, Secretly Group (USA)

“Going Global really impressed me as a quality opportunity, both as a delegate and as a performer. To have one on one meetings with great international delegates, in a situation where they don’t have hundreds of other people they are trying to see seems quite unique. It’s also unique to have showcases where the delegates will really see all the bands.” – Anthonie Tonnon, musician

“Going Global was an amazing experience. It truly brought in a great variety of international music industry minds and voices and connected us to a very vital New Zealand music scene.” – Jacob Daneman, Pitch Perfect PR (USA)

“It was such a great experience being invited to attend Going Global. The conference was amazingly organised, I felt like I learned something at every panel I attended. We got to see some incredible music, a lot of which had clear international potential. NZ, as usual, is punching above its weight!” – Guy Blackman, Chapter Music (AUST)

“I was extremely impressed with my first Going Global experience overall, with the organisation, the showcases, the performances & the personal touches such as the record in-store performance. In the 4 days of Going Global, I achieved more in the New Zealand market than in the 18 months since Paper Shoes Music began.” – Will Watson, Director/Booking Agent, Paper Shoes Music

“I have to say that Going Global was the most well curated conference I’ve attended. I think I’ve attended as a speaker/panelist about 7 conferences in the past calendar year, and I can honestly say that the Going Global experience was the best yet. I can’t imagine it being topped. I feel as though so much time and care went into curating everything. Everyone I met with in my one on ones seemed like someone who I should be speaking with and was an act that I’d actually consider working with. I know that could sound silly, but I can’t tell you how many one on one meetings I’ve sat in at these conferences, where someone has placed me with a guy who has a washboard around his neck and some clogging shoes on his feet, asking me if I have any interest in working with them. It kind of makes me want to go, “has anyone ever even researched the kind of acts that I book or the work that I do? I don’t understand why I’m here?” It is wonderful to feel like my time spent in New Zealand actually went into helping some along with their careers.” – Meredith Fraser, Panachebooking (USA)

“It was an honor to attend and speak at Going Global Music Summit this year. Not only is NZ beautiful, but it supports the arts in a way that has fostered an incredible music scene. I was so impressed with the level of talent I saw at the showcases and plan to see a number of them again when they come to NYC next month for CMJ or a future conference. Additionally, I met wonderful people and made valuable relationships with people from around the world with whom I look forward to staying in touch with.” – Michelle Fantus, Sony/ATV Music Publishing (USA)

“The Going Global showcase opened up some really positive things for us. Thank you. It was crucial for us to have this platform to play to international ears & has really helped us since.” – Hollie Fullbrook (TINY RUINS)

“…really glad I came – anyone going to BIGSOUND would be stupid not to include Going Global in their trip.” – Martin Elbourne, GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL / THE GREAT ESCAPE (UK)

“…a fun and collaborative atmosphere.” – Jon McIldowie, Festival Republic (UK)

“Going Global is a fantastic opportunity for panelists and delegates alike. The small nature of the event means it’s a true opportunity for everyone involved to make new contacts and gain more one-on-one insight that most conferences don’t permit due to sheer size.” – Larry Heath, The AU Review (AUST)

“It’s not often business trips create such good friendships and connections as this last week has & I for one am very sad to be leaving NZ” – Simon Raymonde, Bella Union (UK)

“Going Global was one of the most well-run, informative, and inspiring experiences I’ve ever been fortunate enough to be a part of. It was easy to meet everyone and find my way around, I saw and heard a lot of great artists, met a lot of innovative and like-minded individuals in the music industry, and learned a lot about New Zealand culture as a whole. I’m looking forward to continuing the relationships with the connections I’ve made here and hope to be back again soon.” – Brooke Black, Big Hassle Media (USA)

“I can’t imagine a more effective way to have meaningful meetings with artists, managers and labels than Going Global. It’s inspired me to work with several New Zealand artists and also ensured that the working relationship between my organisation in Australia and its New Zealand equivalent is now stronger than ever. Also, I booked Two Cartoons for a show in Melbourne supporting Courtney Barnett on her final headline gig of 2012. The guys from the band continue to communicate with Courtney and were walk-up starters for BIGSOUND 2013.” – Nick O’Byrne, Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AUS)

“I had a fantastic time at Going Global. My fellow international delegates were not only incredibly knowledgeable, very well connected, and interested in the music and the place – but also uncommonly lovely human beings, keen to make a difference. The intersection of this calibre of music industry professionals with the incredibly vibrant independent music sector in New Zealand can only lead to positive results long term. I was proud to be part of such a fantastic and well-run event, and – like everyone who attended – I learned a lot in the process.” – Andrew Dubber, Professor of Music Industries Innovation, Birmingham City University (UK/NZ) Andrew participated in Going Global with thanks to the British Council.

“Going Global 2012 was a fantastic professional and personal experience. Moving ten of us international delegates through conferences in three cities over a week’s time was handled with truly impressive precision. In the seminars I am confident we provided much useful information and I’ll wager I learned as much from the experience and the other delegates. I was also astounded by the quality of artists we heard at the showcases. In fact, one of the groups I saw in Auckland – Tom Lark, are a group I hope to work with. “ – Peter Jesperson, VP Production & Catalog – New West Records (USA)

“…a real bonus for our local music community” – Murray Cammick, Rip It Up (NZ)

“Going Global was a top-notch experience, from both a professional and personal standpoint. The other delegates were absolutely spectacular, offering not just a substantive look into various facets of the industry, but also the opportunity to forge business relationships and friendships I’ll carry throughout the rest of my life. The conference was extremely well-organized, right down to the evening showcases, which were a perfect representation of the wide range of exceptional talent coming out of this beautiful, energetic, and creative country. In fact, I’m now working with two artists who performed during last year’s showcases – Mel Parsons and Tom Lark!” – Shawnté Salabert, VP Creative – Sugaroo! Music & Licensing for Film, TV and Advertising (USA)