2016 Programme

Download the 2016 full programme as a PDF HERE.


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Download the 2016 full programme as a PDF HERE.


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9:00am – Registration Opens

10:00am – Welcome from Independent Music NZ & Music Commission – 10 min – The Ballroom

10:10am – The Market Today: Anthony Healey (NZ) – 30 min – The Ballroom

APRA AMCOS NZ presents the latest NZ music market information and looks at some of the trends within the music industries economic contribution.

10:40am – A Life Across Letters: Colin Daniels (AU) – 50 min – The Ballroom

From MDS to A&R, and now CEO, Colin’s career has been across almost every part of the recorded music industry in Australia, the UK & Europe. How did he get there and what changes does he see? Colin discusses his life in music with artist manager Graham ‘Asho’ Ashton.

11:30am – Break

11:45am – An Independent State of Mind: Colin Daniels (AU), Dick Huey (USA), Joe Alexander (AU), Zac Ives (USA) with Matthew Davis (NZ) – 45 min – The Ballroom

It’s 2016 – and the dawning of a new age for independent labels. Many of the biggest artists in the world release their music through an indie. The myriad approaches to releasing music independently in this era offers huge opportunities for artists to forge their own careers, together with a like-minded community. This panel brings together professionals that have built great communities of music and fans to discuss working independently abroad.

11:45am – Touring: Kristen Ng (CHI), Maggie Collins (AU), Nikita Lavrinenko (GER) with Ayisha Jaffer (USA/NZ) – 45 min – The Orange Meeting Room

Live music continues to be an increasingly important income stream for bands and artists – but NZ isn’t getting any closer to the rest of the world. We discuss the importance of choosing territories, tour set up, timing and how to maximise your time (and money) on the road.

12:30pm – Lunch Break

1:30pm – Great Southern Land: Anna Laverty (AU), Henry Compton (AU), Joe Alexander (AU), Maggie Collins (AU), Matty Newton (AU), Tim Price (AU) with Cushla Aston (NZ) – 60 min – The Ballroom

It’s comparatively close, comparatively huge … and vastly different. Whether you are planning your first foray in Australia or wanting to know the latest changes in the territory, this is the panel for you.

1:30pm – Rock n’ Roll Wellbeing: Tom Larkin (NZ) – 60 min – The Orange Meeting Room

Through years of touring, managing, producing and recording in one of NZ’s biggest rock bands, Tom has a deep understanding of the struggles emerging artists face in this day and age. Here, he presents an abbreviated version of his trans-Tasman artist development seminar “A Survival Guide for the Modern Music Industry”.

2:30pm – Break

3:00pm – Music + Digital = Data: Dana Erickson (USA), Dick Huey (USA), Henry Compton (AU), Matty Newton (AU), Ronan Mason (AU) with Mikee Tucker (NZ) – 60 min – The Ballroom

As the worlds music industry moves more and more online, the opportunities for growing your audience offshore from home has never been greater. Our panel discusses how to get the most out of data, insights and which established or new platforms might work for you

3:00pm – Producing a World Class Record: Anna Laverty (AU), Ben Lawson (NZ), Jessica Strassman (USA), Princess Chelsea (NZ), Tom Larkin (NZ) with MC Tali (NZ) – 60 min – The Orange Meeting Room

A great Artist & Repertoire person is expected to guide artists through all aspects of producing a great record – although in NZ we tend to be more DIY than A&R. We look at the process from the A&R perspective, to working with engineers, right through to self-producing artists.

4:00pm – Speed Networking Session – All Available Speakers – 60 min – The Ballroom

5:00pm – Jaxsta Presentation – 15 min – The Ballroom

5:15pm – Jaxsta Mixer – 60 min – The Kings Arms Tavern Garden Bar


9:30am – Registration Opens

10:00am – Making Ffunny Ffrends – Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Tom Wironen (USA) with Lydia Jenkin (NZ) – 45 min – The Ballroom

Tom manages Unknown Mortal Orchestra – a band who’s enjoying an extraordinary career that may not have been possible at any other time. The most blogged about band on the planet last year have played over 400 shows since the release of Ruban Nielson’s debut solo album in 2011. We chat to Tom about the key turning points for the band and what has keep the UMO show on the road for 454,711 miles.

10:45AM – Tipping The Scales: Anna Laverty (AU), Dana Erickson (USA), Jackie Shuman (USA), Jessica Strassman (USA), Kristen Ng (CHI), Maggie Collins (AU) with Anji Sami (NZ) – 45 min – The Ballroom

The gender imbalance in the music industry has rightly been widely discussed in the past year. We ask our panellists about what strategies and initiatives they would like to see to help tip the scales.

11:30am – Break

11:45am – Festival Bookings from Both Sides: Brett Murrihy (AU), Nikita Lavrinenko (GER), Richard Moffat (AU), Zac Ives (USA) with Mel Parsons (NZ) – 45 min – The Ballroom

How do Zac and Richard go about booking their festivals and how do they make their decisions? Brett and Nikita are in very different territories and as booking agents are looking to get their artists on festivals – what’s the process from them and what do they need from the bands?

11:45am – Sound & Vision: Dan Chisholm (NZ), Grayson Gilmour (NZ), Jackie Shuman (USA) with Frances Moore (NZ) – 45 min – The Orange Meeting Room

Synchronisation can be one of your most significant revenue streams – and can be a great way for fans to discover you too. We look at the topic from three sides – the music supervisor, the artist writer and the lawyer.

12:30pm – Lunch Break

1:45pm – North America Today: Dana Erickson (USA), Dick Huey (USA), Jackie Shuman (USA), Jessica Strassman (USA), Jim Pitt (USA), Tom Wironen (USA) with Liv Young (NZ) – 60 min – The Ballroom

We take a look at what is currently happening in the US market from six different perspectives. Trends, formats, festivals and fads – what should you know before you go?

1:45pm – More Than Half The World – Working in Asia: Brett Murrihy (AU), Kristen Ng (CHI) with Teresa Patterson (NZ) – 60 min – The Orange Meeting Room

The largest and most populous continent on Earth with 4.4 billion people is still a surprisingly unknown territory for most artists. Brett and Kristen talk about getting started working in Asia and the different approaches for different countries.

2:45pm – Break

3:15pm – Superfans & Merchandising – Heavy Does It Best: Ami Holifield (NZ), Emily Crowther (NZ), Tim Price (AU), Tom Larkin (NZ) with Paul Martin (NZ) – 45 min – The Ballroom

How do heavy bands manage to have some of the most engaged and loyal fans on the planet? We talk about how they find, build and keep their audiences and get the best tips you can transfer to your genre.

3:15pm – Tell Me A Bit About Yourself, Jim: Jim Pitt (USA) with Charlotte Ryan (NZ) – 45 min – The Orange Meeting Room

For 23 years Jim has been booking the music acts for Conan O’Brien’s late night tv shows beaming music into the homes of hundreds of thousands of Americans. How did he get there – and how does he choose almost 200 acts a year?

4:00pm – Rich Moffat’s Festival Hypotheticals: Katie Macrae (NZ), Paul McKessar (NZ), Richard Moffat (AU), Zac Ives (USA) – 45 min – The Ballroom

That didn’t really happen … Did it? Richard takes you on a rollercoaster ride through different scenarios he can neither confirm nor deny actually occurred and asks his fellow panellists – what would you do?

4:45pm – Eventbrite Presentation – 15 min – The Ballroom

5:00pm – Eventbrite Mixer – 60 min – Neck Of The Woods


6:30pm – Going Global Presents – Wine Cellar & Whammy Bars – First Act 7:00pm sharp