2015 – Performing Artists

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Eden Mulholland

Eden MulhollandMulti-instrumentalist and composer Eden Mulholland will release his eagerly awaited new album Hunted Haunted on August 28th. A special launch show in Auckland is also confirmed to celebrate the opening of the 2015 Going Global Summit. Hunted Haunted is Eden Mulholland’s follow up to his debut solo album Feed The Beast which received critical acclaim with its 2012 release. As the title suggests, Hunted Haunted features songs that are variously on the run and according to Eden, needed some grooming or training touches to harness their strengths. He found the perfect collaboration in New York working with producer, Victor Van Vugt (Nick Cave, PJ Harvey) together with recording engineer, Neil Baldock (Kayne West, Common, Crowded House). Victor’s input played a pivotal role in drawing out more groove in the songs, encouraging me to let the melody soar over the instrumentation rather than competing with other elements that were all striving for the lead.” Later in Los Angeles he worked with Neil Baldock to track the album and a further “grooming” of his songs took place aided by the virtuoso drumming of Nick Gaffaney (Caro Knife Fight). It was a “sleep-deprived joyous collaboration” which left its mark on each and every Hunted Haunted song. Current single ‘The New Old Fashioned’ “is one of those rare songs that was written very quickly, everything about the production seemed to fall into place like magic”. For an artist who instinctively puts things together that don’t at first glance belong, it is fitting that there is a wild quality to the playing and vocal delivery of Hunted Haunted. These songs, whatever their haunted or hunted lyrical bent, run out of the gates with what Eden admits is a “a shamelessly poignant lust for life.”


HH BAKBTEden Mulholland Hunted Haunted Album Launch Show:

2015 Going Global Summit, Opening Night – with Ha The Unclear – Thursday Sept 3rd, Backbeat Bar, Auckland

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Ha The Unclear

Ha The Unclear““I’m mute, I’m rimu, I’m loyal,” proclaims a coffee table in Secret Lives of Furniture, a song delivered from the point of view of a chattel in love with its owner, despite the beer stains and cigarette burns she’s inflicted down the years” (Sunday Star Times, 2015).

On debut album Go, Ha the Unclear weave together self-reflection and absurdist narratives, along with tales of frustration and anxiety into alt-pop ditties. Bacterium, Look at Your Motor

After starting out in Dunedin in various bedroom project incarnations (Brown, Baraka and the Finish Hims) songwriter Michael Cathro spent a period of time writing and performing in Ireland before relocating to Auckland in 2012. Meanwhile, remaining group members Paul Cathro (Alizarin Lizard, Fat Children), Ben Sargeant (Alizarin Lizard, Sunley Band) and Theo Francis migrated northward to work on a hydroponic lettuce farm in the Bay of Plenty before the band relocated fully to Auckland in 2015.

Recorded at Dunedin’s Albany Street Studios and produced by Oli Wilson (Knives at Noon, The Chills, Males) Bacterium, Look at Your Motor Go was released in September 2014 with multiple singles reaching #1 on alternative and student radio stations (95bFM, KiwiFM, Radio One, RadioActive). ‘Secret Lives of Furniture’ (in which a coffee table narrates its infatuation with its owner) was described by Entertainment Weekly as “fascinatingly odd” and appeared on BBC 6 Introducing after Fresh On the Net proclaimed it “absolutely bonkers”.



New Gum Sarn

New-Gum-SarnNew Gold Mountain is one of the most realised and intelligent debuts from a New Zealand band since The Bats’ Daddy’s Highway. But it isn’t just a success as a first record; it is a resounding success in almost every conceivable way. It is an album that needs to be heard to be believed; after all, there are only so many ways you can describe a record as impressive as this…It is the very definition of a breakthrough album, the kind of record that music critics anxiously await so we can trot out hoary maxims like ‘incendiary’ and ‘atmospheric’ while labelling New Gum Sarn, the young New Zealanders responsible for its creation, the next big thing in rock and roll.” – www.renownedforsound.com



Nadia Reid


Josh Yong _LandscapeA richness of voice; a depth of emotion; wisdom beyond her years; with brand new record Listen To Formation, Look For the Signs, out now on Spunk! Records, Nadia Reid has claimed her place as one of New Zealand’s most evocative and profound young songwriters. With youth spent in the company of folk clubs and the indie scene of Dunedin and Christchurch, Reid connected with the pre-and-post-quake Christchurch music milieu and quickly garnered a reputation among her peers for her penetrating songs belying her young age. In Listen to Formation… Reid presents a maturity that reflects on love and life’s blazes with a measure of intricacy and courage within the melancholy.

“★★★★” – Sydney Morning Herald

“Just listen and lose yourself in it, for it is often glorious.” – themusic.co.au

“Reid’s voice cuts a determined path across the dark and at times stormy sea below.” – The Listener NZ

Nadia Reid’s album Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs is out now on Spunk (AU & NZ) & for UK via Melodic Records and USA via Scissor Tail Records in November 2015



FazerdazeThe brainchild of Amelia Murray, Fazerdaze began as a string of bedroom recordings created late in the night, emerging fully-formed in 2014 as her debut eponymous EP. A succinct collection of intimate, beautifully produced dream pop written, produced and performed by Murray with final touches added by Jonathan Pearce (Watercolours, Anthonie Tonnon) it’s a significant first outing for the young New Zealander. Layers of softly crunching guitars make up a swirling textural bed over consistently driving drum machines, and sparse electronica. Murray’s delicate vocals cut with precision through the haze, evoking the intimacy of the domestic space in which the songs were created. NME described it as ‘elegant dream pop’, while US blog HillyDilly exclaimed that ‘Fazerdaze transports us to a warm, optimistic sonic space with her glistening synths and mellow acoustic guitar strums’. NZ’s Sunday Star Times listed it in their Best of 2014 spread, hailing it as a ‘versatile collection of pop songs… with Murray’s yearning, reverb-drenched vocals echoing around pronounced electric guitars’.




Suren Unka

Suren UnkaSuren Unka is a prolific Auckland based electronic producer, with one album El Chupacabra released digitally & on cassette (via London-based independent label Prison Tapes), one EP and a slew of music videos already under his belt. He has performed at many of New Zealand’s festivals – highlights include Rhythm and Vines, Camp A Low Hum and Chronophonium.

Currently in the works are a new music video for ‘Single Weather Science’, a collaborative EP with Levi Patel, another two singles on the go and plans ahead for Australian shows towards the end of 2015.



Anthonie Tonnon

Anthonie-TonnonAnthonie Tonnon is an indie rock songwriter with narrative lyrics and an arresting, theatrical live show. Successor is Tonnon’s first worldwide release (Misra Records USA / Flipping Yeah Industries AUST), after a career in New Zealand that has seen him receive a great deal of critical acclaim, and support shows for the likes of Beirut, Okkervil River, Yumi Zouma and Paul Kelly. In the lead up to this release, Tonnon has picked up stateside acclaim from the likes of Indie Shuffle, Popmatters, The Wild Honey Pie, Substream and Billboard.com, who named him on their list of “New Zealand acts you need to know about” Successor is a collection of second-person narratives around unnamed characters in cities – from the businessman who deals cocaine as a sideline in “A Friend From Argentina,” to the Government minister engaged in a battle over irrigation rights in “Water Underground” – a tune that is shortlisted for the 2015 APRA AMCOS Silver Scroll Award. Tonnon found unusual inspiration in the album from long-form journalism, local politics, and Roman Polanski’s Chinatown.



Diaz Grimm

Diaz GrimmCurrently under his own label ‘G7NG’, Diaz Grimm is a combination of Hip-Hop and electronic music, with a mission to change the hip-hop landscapes view on life through positivity and creation. Self-funded and self-distributed debut album Osiris was completed in the Red Bull Studios in Auckland, subsequently topping the iTunes NZ hip hop charts and peaked at #5 in the overall iTunes NZ Album charts.









SJDSJD is Sean James Donnelly, the sonic squire of West Auckland. In typically untypical form, his seventh album  Saint John Divine is almost the polar opposite of Elastic Wasteland, the entirely self-recorded and self-played album that was awarded the prestigious 2013 Taite Prize. This time Sean Donnelly has gathered a group of outrageously talented like minds at Roundhead Studios, to record 11 songs that distill the very essence of SJD, in what could be called his most direct and compelling manoeuvre yet. Joining Sean are a core group made up of long time guitar spar James Duncan, percussive prodigy Chris O’Connor, the honey tonsilled Sandy Mill, vibrant veterans Victoria Kelly and Mike Hall, and new addition Neil Finn adding keyboards and cooing bvs. Sitting right up there with previous triumphs including 3Lost Soul MusicSouthern LightsSongs From A Dictaphone and Dayglo Spectres this album aims straight into the heart of song craft without forsaking any of the playful experimentation and adventurousness that typify Sean’s music. Once upon a time long ago he was oft compared to the likes of Beck and Badly Drawn Boy, that’s nice, but it couldn’t work. These days he’s compared to SJD.



Kane Strang

Kane StrangAfter wowing us with the vibrancy of ‘In Thailand’ and the considered transcendental pace of ‘Full Moon, Hungry Sun’, Dunedin singer/songwriter and home studio producer Kane Strang unveils his full-length album Blue Cheese. While it carries a sense of playful psychedelica and floaty vintage folk-rock, Blue Cheese is essentially a set of classic pop songs (classic as in the 60s/70s sense of pop) wrapped up his hazy guitar riffs, spiraling synthesisers, rollicking outdoorsy drum rhythms, and a feel equal parts driving and languid. As a listening experience, let’s just say it makes you feel like someone inflated your body with helium and left you to bounce against the ceiling while a gentle breeze blows through the window.